How to set a search link or a direct link into the Android market

There are two ways to link to the Android market from your phone or in an app.

1. Link to a search in the android market

1.1. with the UNIQUE package name (search will only give ONE result)
Look up package name under the app and see the URL i.e. p/android/, where „“ is the package name. Additionally the link behind the QR-Code gives you the ready link.)

1.2. with a searchterm, like „google“


1.3. all applications of one specific publisher


2. Direct link to an app-page / „details“ in the android market

use „details?“ instead of „search?“ and send the package name.

3. … and to do it programmatically / some source code

String url = „market://details?“;
//OR for search link: String url = „market://search?“;
Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
More Information in the Android Developer Documentation