Is worth joining? I don’t think so (and tell you why)

The last days I got an email from and asked me to „join our brand new submission service for Android developers and reach 100’s of million additional users outside the Google Android Market.  In the last months we’ve worked hard to build the world’s easiest, fastest and most convenient submission interface for Android developers and we’re really proud to invite you to submit your Apps.“

Sounds great, but then I read the terms and conditions and found: (CAPITAL letters / bold edited by me)

„2.2.8 It is allowed that THE DEVELOPER integrates ads of external ad networks into apps that should be distributed by SYNAPSY. As either SYNAPSY or distribution channels of SYNAPSY might provide and/ or offer own ad networks or have own agreements with external ad networks with the possibility of assignment of sub id’s and the management of such, SYNAPSY has the right to ask THE DEVELOPER to embed such ad networks/ ad networks identification codes or id’s or REPLACE THEM BY ITSELF IF TECHNICALLY FEASIBLE and without negatively changing the behavior of THE DEVELOPER’s apps. Same conditions as for sales of paid content apply and SYNAPSY shall pay to THE DEVELOPER a percentage of the Net Receipts that are based on successful ad events and the Revenue Exhibits (Appendix 1).“ „Appendix 1: […] SYNAPSY shall pay THE DEVELOPER 70% of all Net Receipts[…]“


„3.6 In case THE DEVELOPER uses discovery and delivery channels backed by SYNAPSY to distribute free ad-funded ‘Content’ and does not use advertisement platforms/ services/ distribution channels recommended and/ or offered by SYNAPSY and/ or its partners, SYNAPSY may consider to charge a handling fee from THE DEVELOPER later on. Such handling fee can only be charged if THE DEVELOPER accepts such potential fees communicated by SYNAPSY at least 30 days in advance. A refusal can lead to exclusion of the ‘Content’ already submitted by THE DEVELOPER.

So, what do they do?

They ask for your app to submit. Then they change your app (is possible) to their own ad-network-(sub)-ids. Or want you to change your code to their network(-(sub)-id). Manipulating your app andor getting you to change to their network(-sub)-id (but staying in the same ad network) will result in taking 30% of (formerly YOURS) ad-revenues and only giving you 70% of the returns earned by ads in your app. Doesn’t sound like a good deal at all (for the developer)

Otherwise (if you dont adfinance you app or dont change your code (where they can’t technically) they can charge you money for promoting your app, after a 30 day annoncement period.

Better to know that before starting with them. And they put it well deep in the terms.

For me it sounds like a better for than for the developer.

I personally will not join synapsy for that reason!


Eine Antwort

  1. Synapsy does not pay , they take 80% of the price of the game and keep selling it

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